Biden Attacking Skilled Workers and Focusing on This Government Prescribed Training Rather than Allow Inustry Specific Apprenticeships. – USA Herald

Much like President Biden running on the platform of “not being Trump,” it seems the goal of this Administration is to undo anything former President Trump enacted – even to the detriment of Americans.

In 2017, then President Donald J Trump signed the Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs (IRAPS). This executive order allowed “trade and industry groups, companies, non-profit organizations, unions, and joint labor-management organizations to create their own apprenticeship programs.” This EO was geared to support workers in obtaining the skills that universities fail to provide.

President Joe Biden signed an executive order this week revoking the IRAPS order which provided federal funding for these apprenticeship programs which would be created and developed within each industry. Biden, has decided that these industry controlled programs should be replaced with more government controlled programs.

The Plan that was Left Behind

The Washington Post, media foe of President Donald Trump reported:

“Registered Apprenticeships,” approved by the government, have been part of U.S. labor policy for decades. Under the Obama administration, these received more funding. But critics argued that the government-controlled model, run by the Department of Labor and with the involvement of labor unions, held back the growth of apprenticeships.

The Trump order allowed industries (and unions) to develop their own programs, within regulations but independent of government control. Under Trump, there was bipartisan support.

Trump sought to reorient and expand Apprenticeship USA. The grant